Zgharta MP Michel Moawad tweeted this morning that the Iranian ambassador has refused to get summoned by Lebanon’s Foreign Minister, following comments made by the Iranian state-tv against Patriarch Rai. Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe had mentioned on Saturday that the conversation with the ambassador would be “frank and sincere, based on the existing friendship between the two countries”, but it appears Ambassador Ghazanfar Roknabadi didn’t show up.

The report in question mentioned that Patriarch Al Rai was “plotting today against the weaponry of the resistance and describes it as a militia loyal to Iran. He claims to be prudent and objective and talks about neutrality in the war for existence with global Zionism. We will definitely see him tomorrow in the arms of Israel.”

Bkerke did receive an “unofficial” apology from the Iranian side, but refusing a summoning should not go without consequences. Unfortunately, I am not expecting much from our current minister whose name doesn’t even show on the Ministry’s website!