I’m a HUGE fan of Bourj Hammoud and I’ve mentioned it a number of times before but I have to say this is just horrible. The Bourj Hammoud municipality has put up flyers around the area telling residents if they hear sounds of gun shots not to worry they’re just hunting down stray dogs!

BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) contacted the mayor of Burj Hammoud telling him there are other more humane methods of capturing the strays and solving the problem for the long run and that they would be willing to help but the reply they got from the mayor was that bullets are cheaper.

So if you can please politely contact Mr. Antranig Missirian, the head of the Burj Hammoud Municipality on 01 260155 ext 147 or send him a fax to 01 260156 and let him know that you are against the shooting of animals.