I noticed yesterday while passing by Kaslik that Eatalian has closed down and moved next door to Casper & Gambini’s. That’s actually a smart move as Eatalian wasn’t doing that well and Casper & Gambini’s branch is relatively big when compared to other Casper branches, add to that the fact that Olio Pizzeria opened across the street.

Anyway, I went down to check it out and have a lemonade. The place looks practically the same except they brought in Eatalian’s tables and chairs to replace the couches and cozy chairs on the right section of the restaurant.

Once I sat, I noticed Casper & Gambini’s was marketing its new light delivery menu. The dessert on the picture looked really delicious and I assumed it would also be available but as it turns out, it’s only for delivery. Isn’t it usually the other way around? Items on the menu are not available for delivery?

It’s not a big deal but I think it’s silly that you market light items or any items inside the restaurant that customers can’t have. It’s like “Excuse me, can I have this dessert on the picture? It looks delicious” and the waiter goes “I am sorry it’s only available for delivery”. The minted Lemonade was great by the way.