Lebanese expats who managed to register for the upcoming elections will be able to cast their vote on April 27 starting 6AM in Arab countries including:
– Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & Egypt

and on April 29 in:
– Australia, Nigeria, USA, Germany, France, Cote D’ivoire, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Venezuela, Belgium, Paraguay, Switzerland, Italy, Senegal, Ghana, Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Congo, Armenia, South Africa, Roumania, Denmark, Czech Republic, Gabon, Netherlands, Benin, Liberia, Guinea, Guadeloupe Islands.

If your country of residence is not featured among those listed such as Turkey for example, this is because polling stations have only been designated in countries with more than 200 registered overseas voters. If you belong to one of those countries, you will have to travel to Lebanon to cast your ballot on May 6.

Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry has dedicated a hot line for any help three hotline to contact for any help:
+ 961 70 829212
+ 961 3 363321
+ 961 70 917270

And you can check out further info [here]. I also shared below this instructional video by LADE:

If you’re interesting in knowing how expats are distributed geographically and how many registered in every country, I found maps on this [link]. I am not sure if these are official or final numbers though.

There are some doubts being raised on the expat voting process and who will supervise the process and moving all the boxes back to Beirut. According to the Interior Ministry and the new electoral law, voting boxes abroad will be closed and sealed with red wax before being shipped to Lebanon via DHL. I think these concerns are in place here and abroad as we’ve seen tens of violation during the municipal elections and we’re witnessing tens of violations during the electoral campaigns yet nothing is being done to halt them.