Update: Earlier pictures of the garbage export leaked by Al Anhar lol!.

Update2: Britain’s Chinook Urban Mining International has obtained Russia’s approval to take in Lebanon’s trash.

The garbage crisis in Lebanon was temporarily resolved yesterday whereas trash will sent abroad for the next 18 months starting mid-January. The solution was announced very late at night around 11 pm by Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb who stated that this solution will cost us $200 million ($212 per ton including sweeping fees for Greater Beirut) that will paid out of Independent Municipal Fund. The contract will cost us more than the one we are paying for Sukleen, and there was no mention of encouraging recycling or reducing trash during this period but I don’t think there’s a better alternative for the time being.

To be honest, I’d rather we export the garbage and pay extra than wait for our politicians to agree on setting new landfills and hiring a new company. Those who are complaining about sending the trash abroad don’t have a better alternative and are not doing anything to help, and the #YouStink movement is no longer active unfortunately. What would be ideal of course would be to send incompetent and corrupt people along with the trash but they are here to stay sadly enough while the decent ones are leaving or kept on the side.

Sending our troubles away and blaming foreign interference are what we do best here in Lebanon after all.

PS: Grey Beirut saw it coming haha!