I really hope we don’t have of the Ali Tleiss story this year but there’s a Lebanese student who claims to have scored the highest IQ in the World of 285/300, ahead of a Russian & Japanese student.

The kid is claiming to have won a Global IQ competition organized by IQ International but I haven’t found such a thing online. IQ Global test is just a test where you go and test out your IQ. He also mentioned he’s fluent in 7 languages in addition to his mother tongue and that he wrote a 57-pages long scientific book in 5 hours but he hasn’t published it yet.

The news was originally published by Al Anbaa website without any reference to credible sources. IQ tests can vary greatly and there are tons out of websites & institutions out there that measure them differently.

If this 14-year old student is truly a prodigy, his parents should guide him to exploit his intelligence the right way and not send him to do interviews on TV and say silly things like this. I wish him the best of luck and I hope he truly achieves great things.

Note: I opted not to share his picture or his name on the post, but I put links that you can follow if you wish so.