I couldn’t resist not taking a nap on these couches

I just got back from Empire Premiere‘s launch in Sodeco and I have to say it wasn’t at all what I expected. I thought it would be a new VIP theater with some additional features and a more expensive entrance but it turned out to be cheaper (20$ the ticket) than the so-called VIP theaters (30$ the ticket) we currently have and comfier. It doesn’t feel like the VIP theaters we currently have, but rather more like a refined place for people aged 35 or more to stay away from the crowded theaters and enjoy a calm and relaxing experience at the movies.

One of the things I loved most is that they joined every two or three seats together, unlike VIP theaters I visited where you are 1 meter apart from the person next to you.


Food-wise, you can either have Sushi with your wine glass from the awesome Le Sushi Bar or just popcorn and soft drinks. I was told they will have a new flavor for the popcorn every week. They were showing the new movie Hitchcock which I highly recommend that you watch.


All in all, Empire Premiere is targeting Lebanese who want to enjoy their movies, avoid crowded theaters and get a little pampered for an extra 10$. There’s nothing wrong with that if you can afford it.