It appears that we’re switching from “Ladies Night” and free drinks for ladies nights to free Arguile for ladies. I’ve seen this in some oriental restaurants but it’s usually limited to one night not all the time. I can’t say it’s not a smart marketing move even though I’m totally against such stuff, but it’s quite sad to see more and more Shisha places opening and promoting smoking without any control.

This whole Shisha trend should be regulated and controlled once and for all but no one seems to care. The worst part are these delivery services where young kids are working all day long lighting up Shishas. I wish there were any statistics to see how many people smoke Shisha vs cigarettes in Lebanon and what are the age ranges.

A while back, I wrote about a Hamra cafe that was offering Arguile discounts to students under the slogan “Arguiltak Serr Naje7ak”. It can’t get any worse than this!