NatGeo Abu Dhabi shared a 12-minute episode on how two white hackers were able to infiltrate three branches of a Lebanese prominent bank and compromise their security. Not only were the hackers capable of convincing bank employees that they were from the HQ, but they were even given access to the server room in one of the branches, which is pretty scary.

This is definitely a good practice for any bank or company but I find it weird that USB is enabled for branch employees. Usually, it’s a thin client that is linked to the core accounting software and that has everything disabled on it. Moreover, even if they hacked into the system, I’m not really sure how they can possibly steal millions from the clients, especially when it’s impossible to transfer funds to a foreign account or even a different local bank’s account for that sake.

The report also mentions that they hacked into 300 wireless devices belonging to the bank employees but didn’t explain how. Was it through a WIFI connection? Because branches don’t usually have an internet connection for staff as far as I know.

Still, this is a major security breach and I’m glad the bank took the necessary measures, or at least we will never know until the hackers come back with a new episode 😂😂