I thought of coming up with a Lebanese version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy song back in early February before any of the Happy videos came out, and I got a lot of submissions within the first few days as well as people asking me how they can help. However by the time we sat and compiled all the videos together, there were already 2 versions of the Happy song out and a couple of others followed last week. Nevertheless, I insisted that we go through with this project and bring out the video because it encouraged the Lebanese Online Community to take part in it and didn’t include any third party. Moreover, the International Day of Happiness is tomorrow so the video is right on time!

The whole thing was a joint effort between the blog’s readers, myself and people that I’ve never met before. It was a cool experience and I wish we had others join us to make one big Happy video for Lebanon but no harm was done as the more Happy videos are spread out, the better specially with everything that Lebanon is going through.

I think what we came up with is awesome and it’s all thanks to Joy, Karim, Ghiwa and Lynn.

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