Health Minister Bou Faour confirmed to all the Lebanese today that the food they are eating is full of diseases and issued a list of restaurants and supermarkets that do not meet the proper health and hygiene conditions. The minister said that violating restaurants will be warned and fines will be forced.

Personally speaking, I love the initiative and I really hope that this won’t be a temporary campaign but at the same time, I disagree with the minister on publishing at first a list of places without sharing the full study that was conducted and all the information available on that matter. We need to know on which basis was this study conducted, what were the violations and why wasn’t the ministry doing its job in the first place before Bou Faour took charge? Who was responsible back then and who let Natour reopen and sell rotten meat once again? Are the violations all the same? Why weren’t they classified as serious or minor?

Now people will start freaking out and sharing this list blindly because that’s all they know. I mean seriously how the hell is Roadster and Kababji on that list? We all know they are the safest places to eat in Lebanon. And how can Hallab’s Achta in Tripoli be on that list? That’s his source of pride lol!

In all cases, Minister Bou Faour has been done a great job so far and I hope he will clarify this whole matter and explain to the Lebanese people how this study was done and what are the steps being taken to enforce further quality control in Lebanon and make sure what we are eating is safe. The last thing we need is another “Labneh” controversy.

Here’s the full list as compiled by LBCI, noting that Beirut is still missing (Why is that?) and that the violations were related to specific products or items as you can see from the picture at the bottom.

Metn District:
Bedo Restaurant
Kababji Restaurant
Roadster Diner
Zohrab Butchery
Tannouri Supermarket
Al-Achkar Supermarket
Massoud Supermarket
McDonalds Restaurant
Maneea Farms Organization
Khawli Supermarket
Sultan Butchery
Metro Supermarket
Nassar Supermarket
Marche Du Rond Point
TSC Megamarket
Mazloum Organization
Broummana Market

Byblos District:
Hawa Chicken
Spinneys Supermarket
Supermarket Jbeil

Nabatieh District:
Rammal Restaurant

Kesserwan District:
Fahd Supermarket

Tripoli District:
Crepina Restaurant
Dar al-Amar Restaurant
Shay W Assal Restaurant
Baytna Restaurant
Albdel Rahman Hallab Sweets/Restaurant
Makiyyeh Restaurant

Aley District:
Hawa Chicken
MP Supermarket

Baabda District:
Metro Supermarket
Poule Dโ€™or
Aamiliya Restaurant

Shouf District:
Racheed Moussa Stores
Ghanem Stores
Rayyan Stores
Bou Khalil Supermarket

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