Hassan Diab’s government has mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic since day1. Yes, we did take quick measures but that’s about it, and just like everything in this country, there was no proper follow-up, no planning whatsoever, terrible communication, lack of testing and the list goes on. The Interior Minister did not enforce measures properly, and was a laughing stock with his dumb-ass curfew hours, and let’s not get started with the Health Minister and his condescending tone when addressing people.

Five months ago, I wrote on how Lebanon is not flattening the curve and that we got lucky in the early stages, but we’re currently in a highly critical phase as cases are increasing dramatically and have surpassed 1000 cases today.

Should Lebanon go into a lockdown?

The answer is simple: The authorities are incapable of enforcing a lockdown, so it’s useless. Health Ministry knows it and Interior Ministry too, so they better sit down and come up with a pragmatic approach to the situation. If they don’t know how, let them step aside and leave this matter to experts in this field.

In all cases, we’re past the blame game now. No one’s getting over the pandemic anytime soon, so let’s stick to social distancing, working remotely if possible, staying home as much as we can, and spreading awareness to others.