Fouad Maksoud is the only remaining Lebanese candidate at this year’s Stars of Science show and is well positioned to win this year’s edition after scoring a whooping 96 for his invention: the highest score in #StarsOfScience history. Not only is his score the highest in the show’s history, but he’s several points ahead of his nearest rival thanks to his breakthrough invention.

Who is Fouad Maksoud?

Fouad is a 25-year old AUB student who graduated with a master’s degree from the Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (SFEA) in 2016. He holds a degree from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering along with parallel graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

Photo Credits: Jimmy Ghazal

What is Fouad’s invention?
I had the chance to meet Fouad last week at AUB and he explained in depth what he was working on. His invention “consists of a nanotechnology machine that can transform ordinary apparel/clothes into waterproof drug delivery systems healing wounds, burns, diabetes ulcers, and muscle strain. This invention is the first of its kind and is considered as a major breakthrough in the fields of nanotechnology and medicine that Fouad patented in USTPO – United States”.

In simpler words, a patient with third-degree burns for example will be able to wear a shirt that is waterproof and delivers the necessary meds to heal the burns without the need to take off or clean any bandages. This is made possible thanks to the nano fibers that can be integrated with drugs to transform clothes into drug delivery systems.

Fouad needs your vote:

Fouad should have easily won the competition if it was based on the judges’ score but the Stars of Science show attributes 50% of the final grade to the public vote, and that’s why Fouad needs our support and votes to to win and receive the additional monetary support needed during the development and commercialization phases.

This is not some silly talent show where you waste your dollars on votes, but a very serious science show that empowers young innovators like Fouad to materialize their ideas and come up with groundbreaking inventions that might help save lives in the future. More importantly, voting is online and FOR FREE.

Here’s how to vote for Fouad:

The voting kicked off on Friday November 17at 9:00 PM and ends Thursday November 23 at 4:00 PM. All you need to do is visit this [link] and vote online.