I’m sure you’ve all seen Careem’s billboards challenging Uber to a dance off on October 22 at 4pm. I thought it was a fun challenge but I wasn’t really expecting Uber to show up, unless of course both companies had agreed (highly unlikely) to do something in advance.

What happened was that at 4PM exactly, Uber released a video showing what they’ve been busy doing and why they couldn’t make it to the dance off, and it’s a great comeback! They basically turned down Careem’s challenge and asked for their support in helping out a local NGO, Ayadina. The NGO offers an Arts Education program, which addresses social problems by providing opportunities for channeling emotions into creative expression, cultural and artistic exposure, talent development, improved academic achievement, and economic empowerment.

On the other hand, Careem’s dance off video is still not up for some reason. In all cases, I love such rivalries and I’m looking forward to see Careem’s comeback.