I spotted this cool post on Al Rifai’s page talking about the Lebanese Dekkene and whether they’ve become an endangered species. This brought back a lot of memories indeed as the dekkene was the only place we’d go to as kids to buy sweets, specially when I used to go to my village to spend the weekend. Buying a Unica and a Bonjus after a football game or getting these potato chip bags for 200 Liras with a Pepsi or a Coke were enough to please any kid back then.

Going back to the original topic, I don’t think Dekkenes can last in Beirut as the rent is too high and the competition is fierce but they are not going anywhere outside Beirut, specially in the remote areas. The only problem is the owners are already old and the new generations are generally not that enthusiastic about running a Dekkene anymore. Nevertheless, I know few of them who decided to renovate the Dekkene and grow their parents’ business.

In all cases, I will always cherish these Dekkene visits and even though I go to supermarkets more often these days, I do pass by a Dekkene whenever I am on a field trip or wish to buy a couple of things.

If someone were to ask us what one of our golden memories as a child growing up in Lebanon was, a majority of us would have answered: Trips to the corner store or as most of us know it – the “Dekkene”. Endless trips with your friends or even with your grandparents where a 1,000 LL could have probably bought you half the store. It was part of everyone’s childhood experience whether you actually lived in Lebanon or you were visiting for the summer. Nowadays, it has us wondering if the younger generations have the same memories to recall as we did, especially since the supermarkets, emphasis on the super, are piling up and no one feels the need to go to these corner stores anymore. As the shiner package and the brighter lights of new establishments taking over the minds of the younger generation convincing them that the corner store isn’t good enough anymore?

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