Today’s protest is expected to draw large crowds and hopefully will be a peaceful and civilized one. It wouldn’t hurt though to be ready just in case things get out of control. Here’s how:

– Come wearing a swimsuit and get floats and tubes in case the police decides to fire water cannons.
– If you don’t have water at home, get your shampoo with you and enjoy a free shower. The demonstration will last more than an hour so you can enjoy a long bath.
– Get a small inflatable boat as well because the manholes are packed with garbage so you might need to sail your way back to your car.
– Keep your smartphone at home and get a go pro camera instead. Remove the stick because the police might consider it as a weapon.
– If you insist on getting a smartphone, buy a shock and water resistant cover to keep it safe.
– Get a helmet just in case fights erupt.
– Avoid selfie sticks as riot police might consider them as weapons.
– Avoid sun and eyeglasses.
– Have a light lunch and avoid heavy meals before the protest, just in case you need to run.
– Avoid getting sandbags and bring garbage bags instead. They are available everywhere on your way to Beirut. Hint: Karantina has some big solid bags.
– If you’re planning on taking a selfie with the water cannon, make sure the serail is behind you as the picture will come out nicer.

Jokes aside, let’s keep the protest civilized and raise our voices against corruption and for a better waste management plan in this country. See you all tonight!