Then why do they have eggs and milk inside of them?

I always enjoy reading Angie’s humoristic posts on the Nowlebanon blogs and one of yesterday’s posts was very true about Lebanese women.

Why do some chicks go to work dressed like they’re ready to hit the club, guzzle down a bottle of vodka and hunt for some ‘Grade A’ man meat to devour in one sitting?

Indeed, why do they do that and when do they have time to do all that makeup in the morning?

I practically saw a woman today dressed like she was going to a wedding, yet too lazy to take off her sunglasses and park properly in an underground parking, which brings us to a whole new issue: Lebanese men and women and sunglasses.

What’s up with people wearing sunglasses to parties? or sitting in a cafe in the afternoon or at night wearing them? I thought this trend died a long time ago.

I think Almaza should do some new ads on those clichés using their slogan “hayda jawouna, hayda ne7na”.