Samah is the guy on the right, next to him is Rana and at the bottom of the picture Toni

When they tell you that Lebanon is like a small village, where everyone knows everyone, sometimes it’s not that far from the truth. Back when I was still in school, I used to spend the summer at Champville playing football/basketball/ping pong with my cousins and friends but as the years passed by and I started working, I stopped seeing most of them.

The reason I am telling this story is because I got an email from Toom Extra few months back asking me if I wanted to take part in a photoshoot for their second book’s casting. I had heard of Toom Extra before but didn’t know much about them, so I decided to go through their Facebook page and blog to see what they do and I really enjoyed reading their posts. However, the surprise was when I found out one of their founding members is Samah, a friend I used to play football with at Champville more than 10 years ago.

Needless to say, I accepted to take part in their book casting, even though I’ve never done this before, as I believe they are doing a great job and are spreading awareness on several important topics in their own artistic, intelligent and humoristic way. There will be plenty of other bloggers featured in Toom Extra’s second book, which you can check out on Wednesday December 19, during the signing of their 2nd book at Radio Beirut in Mar Mikhail.

See you there!