We’re known as Lebanese for our ability to set off with nothing and make a go of it in whatever country they landed in, yet while the tradition of emigration is still very much alive, the level of desperation back home is getting higher by the way, and Lebanon and its people have so much to offer if only given a chance.

Luckily, there are still well-established companies that still believe in our country and are investing in our youth, creating new opportunities and trying their best to enhance our everyday lives. Inkript is one of these companies that caught my attention while watching MTV’s “Made in Lebanon” program. I had heard about them first when the biometric passports were announced but I had no idea the company was that big and offered that many services to local and international clients.

Inkript, which was founded in 1973 as a security-printing house, currently offers services encompassing digital security, secure identification, and smart-card manufacturing. It is a subsidiary of Resource Group, an investment group established in 2009 with a portfolio of businesses that capitalizes on technology and human talent for value creation. They cater to governments, telecom operators and financial institutions and have a dedicated R$D unit to stay in touch with the latest technologies.

If you've replaced your driving license with a new one recently, you would have probably noticed how advanced the new center of the Traffic, Trucks and Vehicles Management Authority’s (TTVMA) is and the latest technologies being used to issue the driver’s licenses, vehicle registration cards, secure vehicle plates, and RFID tags. In fact, the TTVMA worked alongside Inkript to automate these processes. Through my research, I learnt that Inkript is a digital security provider that actually competes with international players, implementing projects with governments in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. In Lebanon, they have also developed the software solutions of other secure documents such as the Biometric passports, work permit, residency permit, and others, supporting the government automation in Lebanon. More importantly, these solutions are all proprietary solutions built in-house by Lebanese talents instead of being imported from abroad.

We have so much talent here, and our people has a lot to offer if they’re given a chance.