Ogero Telecom General Director Abdul Monem Youssef revealed on Friday that the internet services breakdown will last for not less than a week. [Link]

Even though there’s a problem on the IMEWE cable in Alexandria, Egypt, I believe our problem is elsewhere. Check what both our Minister of Telecom and Ogero are saying in the papers:


Youssef lashed out at the Telecommunications Ministry, stressing that Ogero is the only side that is exerting efforts to provide internet, denying that the ministry is playing a role in resolving the crisis. He reiterated that Ogero isn’t accountable for the malfunction, pointing out that the Telecom Ministry is directly responsible for all the issues linked to the IMEWE submarine cable.

Ministry of Telecom

Internet connectivity was lost due to an upgrade in the IMEWE cable which Ogero did not notify anyone about.

To sum it all up:

Mahmoud Haidar, one of the consultants at the MoT, mentioned in a quick chat with Wamda that by international standards the glitch shouldn’t last longer than a couple days, yet “since there is a lack of comunication between the MoT, OGERO and IMEWE, we do not have more details to share for now.”

So basically not only we need to wait for the cable to get fixed, but also for both Ogero & MoT to settle their differences and find another solution.