If you have any idea on how to help [Animals Lebanon] rescue the little kitten, please do share it!

Challenging rescue – your ideas are welcome!

It is been three days in a row that our team have been trying to rescue a tiny kitten who fell off a very high ledge.

We were able to go down to her using secure ropes.
Unfortunately as soon as she sees people she would go and hide inside deep holes in the ground, which makes it impossible for us to reach her. In such cases, we usually use a humane trapping cage putting tempting food inside – when the cat steps inside the trap, he steps on a trip plate, which will trigger the door to close automatically without harming the cat.

We have installed the cage and put food inside but she didn’t go in. Still she is too stressed and not wanting to go inside. We will not give up on her and keep trying.

Any more creative ideas are welcome!