Here’s an extra reason why the new taxes law should be revisited. The invoice tax was increased from 100LL to 250LL, which means that we need to put a 250LL stamp on invoices instead of the 100LL stamp, which is not a big deal given how little the amount is but the problem is elsewhere:

– There are no 250LL or 50LL in circulation, and the remaining 250LL stamps are very difficult to find, which means that we will need to put 3X100LL stamps on each invoice, therefore losing 50LL for every invoice.

Of course that’s still nothing but it’s the principle of the matter that counts. When the authorities impose a 250LL tax on invoices, the least that they can do is provide 250LL stamps, unless they willingly imposed the tax knowing that they can trick us and earn an extra 50LL on each invoice.