I must say I never thought I would hear the term ‘Zouzou Ebba’ mentioned in an English or French sentence. Turns out I am wrong and it has become a term widely used even by “les gens chics”.

In fact, while enjoying Mzaar intercontinental’s open buffet on Saturday, I overheard a little boy telling his brother in English that he did a ‘Zouzou Ebba’ with his bicycle the other day on a dangerous road and his brother answered him back in French saying that ce ‘Zouzou Ebba’ etait facile a faire.

Maybe we should integrate the term ‘Zouzou Ebba’ to the Lebanese language. It could be used in sentences such as:

– He was pulling a ‘Zouzou Ebba’ before he crashed into a truck and died.
– ‘Zouzou Ebba’ believed to be the #1 cause of death for motorists.
– Lebanese government to fine anyone caught doing a ‘Zouzou Ebba’ 50$.
– Zouzous of Lebanon sue the Lebanese government for associating their name with the rather demeaning term ‘Zouzou Ebba’.