It’s been almost two years now that the Jal el Dib bridge got dismantled and there are still no plans to build a new one. Honestly, I think we need a bridge there, because while traffic has slightly improved on the highway, it has worsened in the inside roads and on the Nahr el Mot bridge.

In fact, I used to play basketball at Hoops Antelias but ever since it closed, I started going to V-club in Jal el Dib and it takes at least 15 minutes extra to get there. I either have to go from Antelias and take the inside roads to get there or go to Nahr el Mot bridge and go back towards Jal el Dib.

In all cases, let’s see what happens tomorrow because the Jal el Dib residents seem pretty determined and launched a Facebook page called “The Jal el Dib Revolution”.