Hundreds of thugs identifying themselves as soldiers of God (“Jnoud El-Rab”) attacked partygoers at a bar, beating them up, threatening the owner and destroying furniture. How did the security forces respond? They stopped them from entering the bar, helped guests to flee the place but did not arrest any. Meanwhile, Nour Hajjar shared a joke on the Lebanese Army working as Toters, and he’s being summoned by the Military Police at their barracks in Rihaniyye.

It’s quite ironic that both these events happen at the same time to showcase the sad state our country is in. How is it possible that a joke, mind you a tasteless one, gets you summoned by the Military police yet thugs attacking innocent partygoers is not a big deal.

I didn’t like Nour’s sketch, I found the joke offensive and inappropriate, but it’s still stand-up comedy and offensive & dark jokes are part of the profession. You don’t like them, mute or block them. It’s not that hard. In fact, I know Nour is not a big fan of the blog and has made few jokes on myself and the blog. Some jokes I found funny, others not really but that’s about it.

The Lebanese Army is a sensitive issue and a red line to many in Lebanon. I agree and respect that, but Lebanese who died at the Beirut Port explosion are also a red line, and our politicians never cease to disrespect and insult them and their families every day by stalling the investigation. Don’t think they deserve to be interrogated and jailed? Or we get outraged only when we feel like it?

We need to choose our battles wisely and stop wasting time on distractions. Stand-up comedy is comedy and another form of expression. You don’t like it or can’t handle it, don’t watch it.