On the 9th of June 2010, Liliane Atallah left her residence in Mastita, Jbeil early in the morning and headed to her work in Jounieh.
She had reached Nahr Ibrahim road when an Infiniti car going at 90 mph hit her in the back before another car who was racing with the Infiniti kicks her all the way to the other side of the road. [Original Article from LOrient LeJour]

The 45 year old woman died instantly.

The two drivers were arrested and put in jail, however they were released the next day somehow!! Today, a group of journalists (since Liliane was a journalist) gathered to protest against this nonsense and for implementing the law and giving justice to Liliane.

تجمع عدد من الاعلاميين امام النيابة العامة في بعبدا، احتجاجاً على اطلاق الشابين الذين كانا يتسابقان على أوتوستراد نهر ابراهيم وتسببا بمقتل ليليان عطاالله الاربعاء الماضي، مطالبين بالتشدد في تطبيق قانون السير.
[Lebanon Files]

I don’t envy Ziad Baroud for the tons of issues he has at hand and I admire the guy for his achievements, but speeding and driving in general in my opinion are not being given the needed attention as they are crucial issues that should be resolved in a swift and efficient manner.

FYI, car accidents are the number 1 cause of death in Lebanon. [Kunhadi]