It is quite sad how setting stupid Guinness records gets more coverage in Lebanon than having for the first time ever a swimmer in the Olympic Games.

Lebanese swimmer Katya Bachrouche has secured a spot at the next Olympic Games in London in 2012 after setting a new record in the 400-meter freestyle event for Lebanon, a first in the country’s history. [Article]

Mabrouk for Katya and for Lebanon!

Knowing that she doesn’t live or study in Lebanon, you can read more about Katya [Here].

PS: I hope the government is financing her trip, not letting her go on her own expenses like they always do.

PS2: Chahe emailed me that the Olympics are in 2012, not 2011. It seems the Daily Star got the date wrong unless there’s some pre-Olympics qualifying round a year earlier.

Via The Lebaneseinnercircle