The authorities been trying to force the installation of high-voltage lines over Mansourieh & Ain Saadeh for years with complete disregard to the residents’ demands and protests. Instead of figuring out other means to complete the supply of high voltage, such as underground cables, the Energy Ministry resorted to the police to keep the residents away and complete the task.

A young kid taking part in the protest was interviewed by Journalist Rana Richa and his video has gone viral ever since. He was frustrated, devastated by what happened and said and I quote: ” Who’s more important? Me or the cable? We want to achieve our dreams, we don’t want to die!”

Here’s the video:

While it’s not clear whether it’s dangerous or not to live near high voltage lines or not, a simple Google search would suffice to convince anyone that it’s not the ideal thing to do and that one should look for better alternatives. But then again, we’re talking about a government and an Energy Ministry that want to invest in further polluting powerships near the coast instead of relying on renewable energies and building new eco-friendly power plants.