One thing many Lebanese expats find hard while living overseas, is the little things, like the coffee we drink at every visit to a relative or friend, the “may zahr” some of us like to add to that coffee, and a bunch of other products you won’t find easily if you live far from home.

Koullouna is a really interesting initiative that promises to send a box full of hand-picked, locally-sourced Lebanese products, and send them along with a booklet full of useful and interesting information on the products themselves and their origin: Lebanon.

They started an indiegogo campaign, and reached their target in just 4 days instead of the target of a month. This shows how much Lebanese folks abroad, as well as Lebanon-lovers, yearn for a taste or feel of home.

That’s not all though, each month, Koullouna donates part of their revenue to a local Lebanese initiative. Last month, they chose Nawaya, an awesome NGO working on mentoring at-risk youth in Lebanon. So, apart from getting a nice dose of what you miss from Lebanon, you also get to help groups doing good work right here in Lebanon.

So, check them out, maybe it’d make a good Christmas gift for a friend or loved one who misses Lebanon?