Picture from Al-Akhbar

May 20th, 2012
– Sheikh Ahmad Abdel Wahad killed along with his bodyguard after being shot at an army checkpoint
– A young man who got stabbed few days ago succumbed to his wounds and died at Makassed Hospital. Army & ISF are surrounding the hospital.
– Gun shots heard in Halba
– Lebanese Army kicked out of Halba and all roads closed
– Gunmen all over Halba streets and its surrounding.
– All Akkar roads were closed and blocked by tires.
– All roads leading to Tripoli closed by angry demonstrators. Gunshots heard in Tripoli.
– Bekaa road closed by demonstrators.
– Eb Elias road closed.
– Khaldeh Road closed.
– Bechara el Khoury and Mazraa roads closed by demonstrators in Beirut.
– Roads closed in Verdun.

May 21st, 2012
– Gun shots heard near Cola.
– Saida road closed
– Clashes between FM supporters and Chaker Bourjawi supporters in Tarik Jdeede
– Clashes between Beb el Tebbane and Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli
– RPGs being used in Tarik Jdeede in Beirut
– Saida Road closed.
– Baddawi Deir Ammar road closed both ways.
– Jeb Jennine road closed
– Keb Elias – Bohsas roads closed.
– Few roads in Beirut closed.
– Sitin at the Zouk PowerPlant after one of the employees disappeared.
– Chtaura – Jdita road closed.
– Demonstration in front of the serail.
– Tal Abbas road closed.
– Gun shots heard coming from Syria in Lebanese village Bkaii3a.
– Neemeh road closed
– Two bombs exploded in Beb el Tebbane

May 22nd, 2012
– Akkar roads closed
– Chadi Mawlawi released on bail.
– Gun shots in Tripoli to celebrate Mawlawi’s release.
– Free Syrian Army kidnapped 12 Shiite Lebanese
– Tire burning in front of Mar Mikhail Church
– Roads closed in Dahieh. Tyres burning everywhere.
– Airport road closed
– Salim Salam road closed
– Clashes in Eben Seena street in Kobbe, Tripoli.

May 23rd, 2012
– Bomb Scare at Airport
– Shooting in Jdeideh kills 1 person and injures 3.
– Clashes in USJ between Hezbollah and Kataeb students
– Convoys in Kaslik in support of the Lebanese Army.
– Airport Road closed
– Sarba (South) road closed
– Hand grenade thrown at a mosque in Tripoli
– Gun shots in Hamra and Caracas.
– Hand Grenade explodes in Raouche

Maybe now our dear government and prime minister will understand why Arab countries have advised their citizens not to visit Lebanon. That is just sad!