The easiest thing to do these days is blame everything on Syrian refugees and the Syrian crisis. Air pollution? Syrian refugees. Increase in crime rates? Syrian refugees. No 24/24 electricity? Syrian refugees.

There’s no doubt that we’re suffering economically from the 1.5 Million refugees in Lebanon but to claim that we would have had 24/24 electricity if it weren’t for them is surreal. If The Energy Ministry truly conducted serious studies to back this claim, then let them share them publicly because I am pretty sure the key problems are elsewhere.

I’ve been struggling with the electricity for almost two years now and the amount of corruption and incompetence at the EDL and other concerned parties are staggering. There’s so much money being wasted and so many people legally and illegally consuming electricity without paying that I don’t think we will ever have 24/24 electricity in this country. Add to that the politically backed generator mafias who have no interest at all in making that happen.

وأعلن الوزير سيزار أبي خليل، “سنضع في الأسبوعين المقبلين معملين جديدين هما الذوق والجية أي ثلاث أو ثلاث ساعات ونصف تغذية إضافية، مما يعني أنه لولا الأزمة السورية لكنا سنصل الى 24 على 24 ساعة كهرباء”. [LBC]