Now that we’re done with Hassan Diab, we have an upgraded version of him in the form of Mustafa Adib, and once again we have people asking to give him a chance, and hoping he will be “the one” to bring real change and make things right. Just to be clear here, the real problem as always is not the person designated as a PM, as we don’t know much about Adib, but the process in which he gets assigned.

Berri, Bassil, Jumblatt, Arslan, Hariri & Hezbollah are all in favor of the same person after they’ve been fighting for months and labeling each other as corrupt and incompetent. What changed? Is it Macron that forced them to settle on one name? We will never know what’s been happening behind the scenes but once again: If we don’t have a government formed of independent & competent experts to manage this crisis, it’s just another big F*ck u to the Lebanese people.

Those in power did everything they could to silence the revolution, from excessive use of violence, interrogations, jail time, law suits, declaring a state of emergency, crackdown on volunteers, and now they agreed on a new candidate that is supported by both sides of the mainstream political powers, and apparently has France’s blessing.

For those who really think France is here to help the people and reform the system, guess again. They have their own agenda and it might actually help if they are forcing the local parties to implement some reforms to give out the CEDRE funds, but this will only last few months or years before we get back to square one.

The coming weeks will give us more clarity on which way we’re headed. Meanwhile:
– Lira is still devaluating, prices are still soaring
– Beirut blast investigation is getting nowhere
– Authorities are not providing any help to families hit by the blast
– Unemployment still on the rise
– COVID19 cases are increasing, hospitals are struggling to cope.
– Lebanon BDL’s subsidy program to end in three months.