A General Security officer called Tony Abboud el Chidiac killed four of his neighbors because his daughter was being harassed by their dog. Chidiac killed three members of the same family as well as another neighbor who went down to see what was happening. The victims were identified as Jean-Paul Hoballah, Paul Hoballah, Isabelle Hoballah and Antoine Chidiac. LBCI shared gruesome pictures of the victims but I’m refraining from posting them.

Here’s what NNA said:

“The shooter was infuriated after his daughter was harassed by a dog, which prompted him to shoot the dog owner and the owner’s father and mother”.

That’s one f*cked up story to say the least. What a horrible way to die :S

The criminal got arrested but that’s not enough. Who gave this guy a gun in the first place? He’s clearly not fit to be carrying one.