What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than seeing further Lebanese women breaking barriers and moving into historically male-dominated jobs.

Last week, news spread about four new female pilots joining the MEA. First Officer Stephanie Kteily is already up and flying. Training First Officer Angela Mourad has already accomplished her Flight Training Europe (FTE) in Spain. Cadet Stephanie El Helou and Cadet Yara Darwish are currently pursuing theirs, in Spain as well, to take their places at the captain seat of the MEA flights.

This makes the total number of female pilots in the MEA six, after Rola Hoteit and Erica Chbeir.

Yesterday, BBC featured the story of two female air pilots breaking barriers: 1st Lieutenant Chantal Kallas, 27, and 1st Lieutenant Rita Zaher, 26, add to that twenty-four year old Manar Eskandar, a sergeant and the first female mechanic in the air force.

Are times changing for Lebanese women? It’s hard to say but this is definitely a step in the right direction.