I really don’t understand the big fuss being made because of what Miss Lebanon 2011 Yara Mikhail said in her interview with judges for the Miss World 2011 competition. Not that I am defending her or anything, but what she said was not that harmful. It’s just a stupid comment.

She did not insult Lebanon, she just said it’s a very busy country and there’s a lot of traffic, which are true, and not necessarily bad things. New York is also a busy place. Plus she added she likes to travel to Congo which is a relatively calm country.

However, my two questions to Yara are:
– Why did you feel the need to talk about Congo that much in the interview?
– Why don’t you visit the Cedars, Chouf, Faraya or a zillion other beautiful and peaceful towns in Lebanon if you want to relax? It’s much closer than Congo!

My question to those criticizing her now: Did you hear her interviews at Miss Lebanon 2011? If yes, then you should have seen this coming.