After reading few comments on the earlier post on Myriam’s death and listening to her parents and fiance on TV, I thought it would be convenient to give my take on that matter and try to appease those seeking revenge and taking things way out of proportions. Mustapha from the BeirutSpring has already urged Lebanese not to make wrong conclusions out of this horrific crime and I encourage other bloggers to follow the example and spread the word.

Myriam’s murder was a true shock to all of us and devastating news to her parents and close ones. No one will ever be able to make up that huge loss for her family, yet I strongly believe it is the family’s responsibility to make sure justice takes its course, and behave like the true Christian Myriam was.

Myriam was not killed because she was a Christian. She was killed by a mentally unstable individual and a criminal. He did not kill her because she was Christian and he was a Muslim or a Syrian, he killed her because he’s a psychopath. Having said that, I urge everyone to stop turning this into a religious matter, stop inciting for more violence and simply pray for Myriam to let her rest in peace and help her family get over this difficult time.