This is what BeirutNightLife had to say about this Freaky Friday the 13th party:

It was a spooky Friday the 13th in June, with lots of scary happenings and decorations at the Forsaken Villa of Dora. As midnight approached and the eery full moon was rising, zombies and goons invaded the house and threw a massive bash. Jägermeister brought us this night of horror and music, and the frightful crowd loved the evening of freaky fun at the villa. Lots of scary decorations and costumes filled the dark night, and of course the highlight was the musical ensemble. LA-based DJ group DROOG graced guests with a spectacular set. Meanwhile local DJs including MEENOX, THREE MACHINES, PABLO also set the spooky musical mood in Dora. The night was a frightful success and lasted all night with the crowd having a blast!

And this is how some people saw it in Lebanon [Link].

I honestly don’t know how they mistook a themed party for a devil worshiping ceremony. I am not sure why one would even think about such things when he sees Jägermeister bottles. I can’t stop laughing every time I think about it.