It is our duty as citizens to report any criminal or terrorist activity, to defend ourselves if someone attacks our family or our home, but coming up with racist pamphlets and beating up random Syrian refugees is unacceptable and shameful. Most of these refugees ran away from Syria from the likes of Da3esh, so stop abusing them and humiliating them that way!

I am all for enforcing security measures given the huge number of refugees in Lebanon, and I am all for doing security patrols and checkpoints and organizing the refugees’ stay and I am definitely all for kicking terrorists out of this country but beating up people in the street and asking them to evacuate within a day or two is just wrong.

It’s no secret that our government’s incompetence has led us to this situation, but municipalities can very easily control what’s happening by recruiting more locals and doing things the right way. The last thing we need is inner violence between Syrian refugees and Lebanese, and given that they’re over 1 million now in Lebanon, we should be more cautious and wise. Terrorists will only make use of this chaos to hide among the innocent refugees and hide weapons and explosives there.



PS: Pictures via Chitiktikchiti3a