I am not a big radio fan but since my cd box stopped working and the kit I got for my iPod stopped working as well, I’ve decided to listen to radio stations in Lebanon for a change until I get them fixed.

I don’t listen to arabic music so I did not bother switch to any of the Arabic stations. As for the English and French stations, I listened to Mix FM, Radio One, NRJ, Light FM and Nostalgie and none of them was good enough for me.

All of them, with the exception of NRJ, put commercials between every song or two which is very annoying. NRJ barely puts any commercials but they repeat the same exact songs all day long. I counted on my way back from Kobayat few weeks ago “Mr.Saxo beat” being played 5 times within two hours.

Added to that, none of the stations put good old songs from the 80s and 90s or even early 21st century artists. You barely heard Cold Play, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Radiohead, RHCP etc etc …

What we need is a radio station that plays without too many commercials just like NRJ and targets people between 20 and 35.

I guess I will be back to my iPod or CD Box very soon.