[Bibayti] is a platform where you can select a menu of your choice and a chef will come to your home and cook for you. The website has been up and running for a year now and their service is pretty awesome and very affordable. I haven’t written about my experience yet but I’ve booked them twice already and everyone loved the food and the chefs.

Aside from their home service and since burger mania is still raging in Lebanon, the Bibayti team has been organizing live food stations during the summer and serving awesome mini-burgers. I’ve already tasted three of them but there are five in total, which they call the Fantastic Five. They gladly provided me with the ingredients and some pictures since I only had shots of two of them:

Beirut (Tahini mayo, beetroot, parsley, pickled onions):

I don’t like beetroot or onions so this burger is not really for me. Tahini mayo is a great dressing though.

Caramel crunch (Cheddar, Chorizo, salted caramel):

This is my favorite one. The Cheddar, the Chorizo and caramel all mix perfectly together.

The Duck (Duck, feta, rocket leaves, raspberry sauce):

This one is my second favorite. If you love duck, you will definitely enjoy this one!

Frenchie (Onion jam in red wine, brie, rocket leaves):

I don’t like onions so I can’t really appreciate onion jam. It’s still a good burger though.

Spicy (Red cabbage, lemon grass sriracha, jalapenos):

I can’t have spices so this one is not for me.

The fries:

I love their fries as well. They are made with two types of paprica, basil and served with a rosemary aioli sauce.


I’m planning to book Bibayti for a burger night around mid-October, I will let you know how it goes. You can call them on 70122001 to book your station or contact them on their [Facebook] page.