To begin with, rumors that Nescafe will no longer be distributed by Nestle are fake news. Nestle’s general manager confirmed that Nestle will keep on distributing its products but there might be a temporary shortage due to consumers stacking up or due to the dollar shortage.

Nevertheless, it’s truly surprising to see such news go viral, while the news of vanishing essential meds from pharmacies and hospitals goes unnoticed. We have a severe shortage in medical supplies and meds, the end of fuel subsidy is imminent, electricity blackouts are getting worse, there’s a real risk of even losing internet coverage, traffic lights are still not working in most of Beirut, our infrastructure is failing, and somehow it’s Nescafe that makes the news.

And the best part in all that? Our rotten political class is too busy defending a banker after protesters kicked him out of a restaurant, the Lebanese presidency is too busy following up on TV reports, ex-PM Diab has time for TV interviews, PM Hariri is waiting for The White House Christmas decoration to be done, and Berri is working for the next elections.