Picture taken from Taste of Beirut

If you want to know how to prepare these eggs and what are the ingredients, check it out [Here].

How to prepare:
– Hold each egg and cut the top with a sharp knife; collect the egg into a bowl. Wash the egg inside and out and invert on a towel to air-dry.
– Melt the chocolate chips with the butter in the microwave for one minute and stir the mixture to make it creamy; use a teaspoon to smear some cream along the rim of each egg.
– Heat the milk (less 1/2 cup) and cream in a saucepan with the sugar, cocoa, stirring from time to time until dissolved.
– Mix the cornstarch with the milk till dissolved; as soon as the milk starts steaming, pour the cornstarch mixture and stir constantly. Add a teaspoon of vanilla or brandy. The mixture should thicken within minutes. When it is very thick, pour into the eggs and cool on the countertop. Refrigerate covered and serve cold with a Pretzel stick inserted in each egg if desired. [TasteOfBeirut]