Champions League at Taxi Diner

13 years ago
I would have loved to go watch the Champions league there, only if the service wasn’t that bad and the food not worth it, if you ever get it. Also, the SMS is misleading as ...

London Taxi Safe Driving

13 years ago
Looks like London Taxi is starting to get infected by the Lebanese Taxi driver syndrome or should i say the Lebanese driver syndrome. I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating in Lebanon than seeing smart-ass ...

Taxi Diner should be put out of its misery…

13 years ago
Why would someone spend tons of money renovating an old restaurant and turning it into a really attractive place, serve really bad food and allow a bunch of incompetent people to run it?? After swearing ...

Lebanese Taxi Driver

14 years ago
If there is anything worse than a typical Lebanese driver, it is a typical Lebanese taxi driver. Most of them are not yet used to this new invention called the traffic light and so sometimes ...

Taxi Diner Beirut

14 years ago
I finally went to that new diner called Taxi and it was a horrible experience, mostly due to the service rather than the food. The place is located at the worst location ever… Burj Al ...

London Taxi – More Details

14 years ago
The other day I posted about the London style black cabs in Lebanon and awhile ago the communications manager from National New Dawn (the company that runs these cabs) posted the following comment: We are ...

London Taxi

14 years ago
I spotted this outside Aoun supermarket. It’s a new taxi company that uses the black London taxi cabs. Their phone number is 09 854360 but not sure how much it costs. I’ve been in them ...

Lebanon Caviar Imports Increased From 0.5 tons Last Year to 3.2 tons in 2022

1 year ago
You’d expect luxury goods imports to decrease dramatically when an economic crisis hit a country followed by a dramatic currency collapse, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in Lebanon where caviar imports, as ...

All The Newly Added Lebanese Movies to Netflix

3 years ago
Thirty four Lebanese films, including award-nominated titles like ‘The Little Wars’  (حروب صغيرة) by Maroun Baghdadi, ‘Where do we go now’ (وهلا لوين) by Nadine Labaki, Under the Bombs (تحت القصف) by Philippe Aractingi, The ...

COVID-19 Updates: Plan To Re-Open The Country Revealed

4 years ago
The spread of the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has had the country on lockdown since the beginning of March. Social distancing, staying at home, businesses, and schools closing their doors to employees and students. Even license ...