Eyes that feel: Picture from NewsObserver

Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service, in partnership with Ojos que Sienten A.C and Image Festival Association “Zakira,” are organizing a workshop “Seeing beyond Sight,” sensory photography for the visually impaired, May 21-27, from 10am to 2pm at West Hall, Auditorium A. [AUB]

The workshop will be given by by Gina Badenoch, Founder of Ojos que Sienten A.C.

I was discussing this workshop with few tweeps yesterday night and I thought it was a bad joke at first. I had no idea such workshops existed but they do and I think it’s a great opportunity that visually impaired individuals should not miss.

For those of you who know people that are visually impaired or are interested in this workshop, I strongly recommend that you register (it’s for free) by sending the below information to ccecs@aub.edu.lb.

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You can check out more information on the AUB website [Here].