PM Hariri resigns, his supporters go out in the streets to cheer for him. Hezbollah Chief makes a speech, his supporters flood the streets to show support. Today, Speaker Nabih Berri supporters were roaming the streets of Beirut cheering for him, while hundreds of Tayyar supporters were headed to Baabda to show support to the President. (Add to that the LF, Jumblatt and KataĆ«b who are still trying to ride the wave and claim they’re at the heart of the protests).

I don’t get it: Do these supporters realize their leaders are the ones in power? the ones people are revolting against? What exactly are they trying to prove? Their popularity to increase their chances of taking part in the new government? Or are they trying to create further diversions to weaken the revolution and delay a new government’s formation?

For those cheering for Hariri, the man resigned because he wasn’t capable of leading this government or previous ones. He’s not up to the job, let someone else do it. Simple.

For those going up to Baabda to show support to Pr. Michel Aoun, he made it clear the country’s next cabinet should include ministers picked on skills, not political affiliation (ALL MEANS ALL), so what’s the point really? Who has time to play the “numbers” game now?

Same for the other parties, what we currently need is a government that can be productive, and as far as possible from political loyalties. The last thing we need are noisy scooters in the streets. Now is the time to submit your suggestions, make up your minds, show your people and the Lebanese people you’re committed to making a change and stop wasting time! The country is at the brink of collapse and you’re out celebrating with flags!

I’m following the news and all I hear about are people going down to protest just to show off their numbers. How will that help fix our roads? our electricity and revive our economy? Do you realize those you voted for are the reason our lives are so miserable? They’ve all failed us and they’re all corrupt.

If you still don’t believe so, watch the re-run of Al Jadeed’s episode on corruption tomorrow at 4PM and then tell me what you think. It’s time to stop following blindly these leaders, it’s time to hold them all accountable for our own sake and the sake of our children and the next generations.

You don’t want to leave your party, hold your leader accountable and force him to take the right path!
You’re fed up with these same old rotten politicians, join the protesters and the revolution, which is amazingly still going strong, and make your voice heard!

Now is NOT the time to play the “Who’s got the biggest protest” game. Now is the time to have a new government capable of leading us out of this mess. That should be everyone’s main focus!