I was tempted few days before Valentine to approach some of the jewelry shops in ABC dbayyeh and see what they got to offer. Aside from the incredibly unrealistic prices they had for the tiniest of items, what caught my attention and made me laugh were the discounts the sales people gave me.

One diamond bracelet caught my attention at the first place I checked so I asked the guy there how much it cost and he answered me: 9700$ is its original price (then he starting typing some random numbers on his old fashioned calculator) and told me price after discount is 4500$ and we can still negotiate the price if you are serious about buying it.

Another place I checked had a pendant for around 14,000$ which becomes for ONLY 8000$ after discount. Of course I got the “akeed messieur hayda mich ekhir se3er” response after the 7000$ drop in price.

And it was the same for almost all shops except one or two who gave only a 10-15% discount.

I ask here: Why would they price it this high and then discount that much? No one is that stupid to think they are doing him a great discount because they apparently do this for everyone, so why can’t they price it reasonably?