SPUDS is a new concept in town and the first mobile potato bar in Lebanon. I love baked potatoes and the pictures look delicious so it’s definitely worth a try. I am not sure though if eating a spud is as easy as having a hotdog or a crepe. It doesn’t look that practical specially if you are eating it in the car or on the spot.

SPUDS is a mobile potato bar, so you have to follow them to see where they are parked. You can check their updates on [Facebook] and [Twitter].

Welcome to SPUDS – a mobile potato bar that will delight your palate. A hectic university day, a busy work schedule, a fun day in the snowy mountains and you crave for food and energy? SPUDS is the address in town to grab a healthy baked potato, totally catering to your taste!
SPUDS is where the crowd gathers!
SPUDS will even turn up at the city’s biggest events and places to be and we make sure to be at your hot spot! [SPUDS]