Love the Slogan!

After organizing a car-free day in Achrafieh, Rmeil and Geitawi, the people behind the Achrafieh2020 initiative are joining the global community in celebrating Earth Hour by voluntarily cutting the power off for an hour. The event will take place in Achrafieh on March 23rd at 8:30pm.

The electricity goes out involuntarily everyday. On Saturday 23rd March, make it a choice. Achrafieh goes dark for Earth Hour at 8:30 pm, switching off for an hour and turning up environmental awareness. Join us at ABC Achrafieh for a voluntary power cut, or join in wherever you are. Join the rest of the world to save our planet. Badna nitfeya. [Link]

I know that we technically “celebrate” Earth hours 6 to 12 hours a day in Lebanon, but this global event is to remind us all that we have to seriously start considering renewable energies as individuals and as a country. Companies and large corporations can start by spreading awareness inside their workplace and Lebanese can start by installing a solar panel at their apartment or house if they can afford it for example.

You can read more about the Achrafieh2020 [Here] and on their Facebook page [Here].