According to BusinessNews, The Ministry of Telecommunication (MoT) is set to launch a new roaming service with the Switzerland-based company Wonet, that will be priced at $25 per month and will allow Alfa and Touch users to use the Internet abroad, consume data, receive and make phone calls at local tariff rates.

We’re in dire need of a decent roaming service that’s for sure, but I didn’t quite understand the concept here. I looked up the company online and you will need to download a mobile application and purchase a chip to activate the service and use it for both calls and data.

If you travel every now and then, it’s cheaper to buy a local sim and just throw it away.
If you travel frequently and just need to make calls, Wonet seems like a good option.
If you travel frequently and need data, you will need to swap your SIMs while keeping your same number which is annoying.

I guess we will wait until it’s announced but it would have made more sense to let the current operators offer more competing plans than bring in a third party.