Traffic congestion isn’t just a nuisance for drivers but it has a high toll on the economy. According to World Bank studies, 3 hours in traffic cost up to $30 Million, and we’re between 2.5 and $5 Billion dollars a year because of traffic. [LBCI Report by Lea Fayad]

In other words, if the Lebanese Army has proceeded with three days of rehearsal as planned, it would have cost us around $100M. Are they to blame? Of course not but and we’re grateful that they issued an apology and rescheduled Monday’s rehearsal but those in charge need to take this in consideration before planning next year’s Independence Day or any other holiday. Even building a bridge like the Jal el Dib one without taking in consideration traffic congestion is unacceptable. I’m pretty sure the millions of dollars lost in traffic due to that bridge are much higher than its cost.

let’s wait and see if this year’s lesson was learned.